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After Kratingdaeng Energy Zone had succeeded last year, Now Kratingdaeng is holding another fascinating event, which called Kratingdaeng Power Dance. This event is the ultimate dance competitions for many talented youth whom is around 14-25 years old and whom think they’re expert in shuffle dance, break dance, or street dance.

As the qualification round, Kratingdaeng Power Dance will be conducted in 5 cities. Each cities will have one main winner and one favorite winner for each categories. The main winners from each cities will be compete in Grand Final to snatch the Grand Prize (25 millions rupiah)

Qualification round has been conducted in Surabaya, Bandung., Jakarta, and Yogyakarta All the contestants and spectators are very excited with this event, they keep dancing even the Master of Ceremonies has ended the event by announcing the main winners. Followed by 97 dance crews from all cities, All the main winners, which are the best in their cities, are ready to face the grand final and compete with other cities. And these are the REAL winners from each cities :



Street Dance

Surabaya City of War Little Breaking Es Cendol




The Hunt



East Rider Crew

XO Dance

Yogyakarta RAVEFaction R. Crew South Rocker Crew 1st Set up Crew
Jakarta New Squad Shuffle Killabeat


Semarang Freak of Bass Thousand Doorz We Are Swackers Crew
Surabaya Surabaya for Shuffle Kedjang-Kedjang Be The Masters

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